How To Deal With Negative People Without Becoming One 2

How To Deal With Negative People Without Becoming One

We aren’t allowed to start stories with cliches – it’s as if the entire world would somehow internally combust if we used one – but there are times when it becomes necessary – like right now. Misery loves company, so do negative people, which explains why the people who do politics in your team spend so much time trying to ‘talk’ to you about your problems!

1. Ignore them. If you can’t ignore, learn to zone out!



The best thing to do is to ignore and stay miles away from people you feel have a negative attitude. That’s because if their negativity gets to you, then you might also take the negative approach.

2. Empathise with them, just not too much!



There’s a reason why they are full of pessimism. That’s because life has been unfair to them regarding their dreams and desires. You need to understand this and empathise. Doing this will help you to understand they need help and not hatred.

3. Don’t hang out with them alone too much.

hanging out


That way you won’t be subjected to the negativity directly. When they start being negative, you or someone else can cut them in between and start talking about something else.

4. Smile at them, some of the less negative ones might melt.

just smile


Your lovely smile may inspire them to stop whining and appreciating the little joys of life. Whenever you meet them, flash that million dollar smile and they might want to stay away from you.

5. Whatever you do, don’t ever get drawn into an argument with them.



It’s pointless to have a debate with them, because they won’t listen to you. You’re wasting your time if you’re arguing with them, because it brings out the negativity from them.

6. Talk to them about being positive (just once).



You can try giving them gyaan about being positive, however try doing that only once because if they want to listen to you they will, or else they never will. Exhausting your energy to make them understand is not going to help either of you.

7. Learn to give up on people.



It’s when you know that you’ve got things to do that you don’t have time to think about them. You understand that your time is too valuable to waste on something negative rather than focussing on the positive.

8. Don’t judge them.



Don’t forget that when you term someone negative, you yourself start thinking negative thoughts. That makes you a negative person too. Judging someone for their shortcomings is not going to help you become a better person. Let them be and move on.

9. Show them kindness, a lot of negative people don’t know how negative they are being!



With kindness, you can win the toughest of hearts. Be kind to people with negative attitude and see them change.

10. Be firm.


It happens that sometimes negative people suck away your positive energy. They exhaust you with their whining and try to turn you into a negative person just like them. Don’t let that happen. Be firm and cut all contact with such people. You don’t need such negativity to pull you down.

11. Don’t ever take what they say personally.


Criticism from negative people should be taken with a pinch of salt. The trick here is to simply turn a deaf ear, so that their negativity does not affect you. You need to be thick skinned optimistic to drive away the negativity.



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