7 Ways To Stop Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts! All of us get these annoying thoughts, which do nothing except let us down in every aspect of life. We usually fear what other people think about us or how people might criticise us in case we are wrong. We constantly keep worrying about what other people might be thinking about us all the time.

We hesitate to live a free life because of our own thoughts. You have been gifted this

“life”, which no one has given an authority or a control, except your own thoughts. So, why fear of any other person’s thoughts and why fear rejection?

These are all negative thoughts that ruin our life. We fear to apply for a job, we don’t feel good about ourselves, we fear to ask someone out on a date and take challenges because we have a fear of rejection. We must think that failure is also a part and parcel of life. Without failures, we won’t be cherished by our success. The word “success” exists because of failure, remember that!
For all those of you who think negative, these negative thoughts are nothing but a fake fear of unknown things that do not exist. Clear your mind of all this crap and stay positive, after all, having positive thoughts won’t cost you anything.

Negative thoughts gradually breaks your confidence and does more harm to your self-belief by anything said by other people.

Those negative thoughts are just lies. So, it’s time you change yourself from having negative thoughts. Here are 7 ways how you can start using your mental powers differently. Have a look at these steps to curb your negative thoughts.

Know Your Thoughts

Keep a record of your negative thoughts and how they impact your decisions in life. Spare a few minutes daily and analyse how you felt at different times during the day. Write about your negative thoughts and why they occurred. This will help you collect evidences against your negative thoughts and how much harm they are doing to you in your life. In this way, you will realise that negative thoughts are preventing you from enjoying the best parts of your life and it paves a way for failures.

Thinking Negative Means Lying To Yourself

Whenever you worry or think negative, you are just lying to yourself. No one can predict the future and we have no control over it. So, there is no use worrying about it either. The best way to beat negative thinking is to think best and best will happen. You must have heard, “what you think you become”.

Trust Yourself

Having negative thoughts may mean that you don’t trust in yourself. You always think that you will be disliked by others, you won’t be able to do your best and you await negative responses always. Well! It is normal to think negative in the first instance; however, you have to train your mind and have faith in God and also believe in yourself. Clear your mind and say “all is well”.

A Bit Of Negative Is A Must!

Thinking a bit negative will help you put more efforts and also prevent you from getting overconfident at times. But, hold on guys, stop your thoughts from getting too negative, as this will make your lives miserable and allow failures to enter your lives. All thoughts are welcome, but it is up to you to decide which ones you want to retain in your brain.

Annoying Thoughts From Past

Sometimes, the reason for your negative thoughts is just your past experiences, your failures or just the fear of your past. Remember, whatever happened in the past is gone and that only happened to make you a more strong person. Point out your weak areas, work on that rather than sulking and being a person who only thinks negative and does nothing in life.

Force Your Brain

Yes! Force your brain to think in the right way and not wrong. Thinking right is as good as doing right. So, don’t let your brain go with the flow of your negative thoughts. Divert your attention and think that bigger things are awaiting to come to you. There is no harm in making yourself happy by thinking good.


Never Believe In Your Negative Thoughts

If you are unable to control your thoughts then stop believing in what you think. Doing this will automatically allow positive thoughts to flow into your mind. Having positive thoughts in your mind will work towards your growth, success and a happy life ahead. With the right tactics, you can banish these thoughts from ever holding you back. So, stop thinking negative and learn to move on in life.



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