These Things School Never Teach You

All the stuff we taught in the school later we used in our life, many other things closely related to our everyday lives have been changing rapidly in recent decades but the school curriculum hardly ever reflects all the changes.

Here is Top 10 Interesting things they never taught you in school.

1. How to cure a hangover: If you fail in tour drinking limit then you need something for hangover and that things you never taught in your school.


2. How to whistle with your fingers: In the harder condition when you need some help to call someone then we people used the whistle signal and that one we never taught in your school.


3. How to change tire: When we travelling on the long route and some how you need to change the tire then it’s very hard to change the tire if you don’t know how to change it.


4. How to negotiate: barging is the key things in our life. we all have to know how to deal with others for buying and selling. how to negotiate is very important in our life and that things never taught in your school.


5. Give appropriate tip at a restaurant: we all are very much fond of food, we people always went restaurant for eating food and after eating we gave some tip to the waiters but what’s the appropriate tip we never taught in your school.


6. How to make fire without a matches stick or lighter: That’s the nice thing to know for survive but we never learn those things at schools.


7. How to Avoid Stress: stress management is one the most important things for both students as well as working people.


8. How to travel at minimum cost: That’s the great deal for travel lovers. Every time all the travel company gave some interesting offers that will helps to reduce the travel amounts. Many people still consider traveling an expensive hobby but in fact it can be surprisingly cheap.


9. How to manage your first date: When you are with someone on your 1st date then it’s important how to handle it.


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