These Menswear Trends you can Try in this Winter

Gone are the days when you could just throw on your favourite track pants and sweatshirt in winter and not have a care in the world! Do that now and you’ll have all kinds of looks thrown your way! Thank God, for we have a round-up of the best menswear trends to help sort out at least one aspect of your life’s troubles, phew! From Paris to New York—take a look at some of the most coveted menswear trends spotted on the runways, which should be on your ‘Must-Have’ list this season!

1. That Seventies’ Show!

Remember when rebel met rock and they made flyaway collars, flared pants and graphic details on shirts? Well, looks like time has turned back because that’s what’s in trend this season! We now have bold floral prints on shirts, colour-block on denim jackets and turtlenecks with a zipper!


2. Baggy Pants

Not like those R&B artists, or Eminem, for that matter. More like the modern-day Humphrey Bogart. Get the drift?


3. Oversized Coats

Because, let’s see, The Godfather, Al Pacino, Benedict Cumberbatch and oodles of charm, chivalry and sex appeal. And if that’s not enough, then at least you can have your lady snuggle up to you to stay warm as you walk down the street on a cold winter’s night. What are you still looking at?




4. Colour Code

So basically, any colour is good for you this season, as long as it’s grey, or brown or burgundy. These three hues with their many different shades are making a very bold statement and are lending a very strong sensual appeal to your whole outfit.



5. Velvet Touch

The fabric has made a huge comeback this season; but not just for women! The Fendi runway saw the velvet corduroy trousers ooze with sophistication, while Alexander McQueen went one step ahead and did a whole velvet-fabric formal suit in a rich wine red—perfect for the festive season you would need to do some purchasing for!


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