Shaadi fashion: 4 Bridesmaid’s Outfits For Winter Weddings

Wedding season is around the corner and it’s time to start shopping. It can be daunting to stand in the long queues at the billing counter, the hunt for sale tags in a boutique and let’s not even get started with tailors – they never adhere to our demands. Wedding is a time when everything is about or around a bride or a groom. But what about the cheerful bridesmaids? Nobody pays any heed to them. Even fashion labels highlight ‘Bridal Wear Available’, but have you ever come across ‘Bridesmaids Wear Available’. We don’t think so.

Well, we are not venting why everything is staged around bridal wears; agreed – bride is the most important person, her clothes should be the best and most expensive. What we dislike is not having enough of the weddings wears for the side kicks aka Bridesmaids.

In fact, bridesmaids’ outfits are the second most vital wedding ensembles. Anyway, who are we kidding, what will be a wedding without those gorgeous giggling faces? And who will swarm around the bride? They are one of the reasons that makes a bride look more beautiful since you know they pick less graceful outfits, sometimes match them with the bridal lehenga, if bride demands.

So in whole, there is a lot to put bridesmaid’s outfits into consideration for the wedding seasons. So a big shout out for the designer labels: Start your bridesmaid’s collection now or someone else will. Having said so much about bridesmaid, let’s have a look on the outfits that bride’s maid/maids can flaunt at the wedding. Condition: The outfit should not over-grace bride’s bridal lehenga and should also be in sync with her lehenga colors. Since we take bridesmaids outfit pretty seriously, we have made a list of what a bride’s maid/maids can wear at a wedding, which is classy and not over the edge:

For South Indian Bridesmaids:

If you are a part of a South Indian wedding then we recommend you picking this for the day. You could be in any relation to the bride: the best friend, friend or a sister,. While bride flaunts her red kanchipuram silk sarees, you can balance the flashy effect with your subtle white and golden saree with beautiful gajra. In fact, this can be worn by all of the bridesmaids. Imagine a bride in red and all the bridesmaids in white. What an intone of colors!


For The Reception:

If everyone is wearing sarees and lehengas, you could prefer a crop-top lehenga to highlight yourself. Of course, the bride will be dazzling in various shades of red. You could wear something in contrast with bride. A crop-top lehenga will be comfortable and yet will bring out that traditional effect.



For The Cocktail Party:

These days many weddings have a pre-wedding cocktail party. Since it’s the wedding many prefer to wear ethnic gowns and sarees, what we recommend is to wear an indo-western combination.


For Sangeet:

Many bridesmaid go straight for lehengas, ghaghras and everything with flare. Since it’s the musical night, you better take out those lengthy lenghas. But we totally disagree. Go for a chic Indian ethnic dress/gown. The dazzling golden and silver will highlight your pretty self the entire evening. Plus, you don’t have to follow a boring league of lehengas.


So my gorgeous bridesmaids, which of the above bridesmaids’ outfits are you definitely going to wear this wedding season? We strongly suggest the first one, though.

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