RSS chief wrote apology letters to Indira Gandhi

In an article for The Hindu newspaper, dated 13 June 2000, a fortnight before the 25th anniversary of the Emergency, Subramanian Swamy accused RSS chief Balasaheb Deoras and former Prime Minister AB Vajpayee of betraying the anti-Emergency movement by writing letters of apology to Indira Gandhi. Subramanian Swamy is now a member of the BJP’s national executive.

Swamy wrote in his article, “It is on the record in the Maharashtra Assembly proceedings that the then RSS chief, Balasaheb Deoras, wrote several apology letters to Indira Gandhi from inside the Yerawada jail in Pune disassociating the RSS from the JP-led movement and offering to work for the infamous 20-point programme.

She did not reply to any of his letters.” (The 20-point programme and Sanjay Gandhi’s five-point the Congress regime cited to justify the imposition of the Emergency, in its endeavour to regenerate India.)

He also recommended readers to read Akali leader Surjit Singh Barnala’s book which provides “vivid description of other erstwhile Jan Sangh worthies who chose to walk out of prison on promise of good behaviour”. 

During the 1975-77 Emergency period, Swamy had been an RSS insider, representing the Jan Sangh in the Rajya Sabha. His role during emergency against Indira Gandhi was remarkable. He remained underground and travelled in disguise in country and abroad to campaign against Indira Gandhi.

Swamy has not declared everyonein RSS a backstabber as he writes, “Not all in the RSS were in a surrender mode, the exceptions were Madhavrao Muley, Dattopant Thengadi and Moropant Pingle.

Now that NDA allies are remembering emergency day, Swamy’s words will reflect how his changing political role has affected his stance and thoughts.  After all he is a major anti-congress politician left out of the Modi’s Cabinet.

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