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We’ve all heard of brain-sharpening exercises, mental math tricks that help make the brain sharper, but aren’t they too boring and tedious to do every day? Do you know there are some really enjoyable easy hobbies that also make you smarter? Hobbies that you would love doing. This awesome infographic by lists down 5 fun hobbies that sharpen the brain, and exactly which function of the brain they effect.

So pick up that guitar, or those French lessons you abandoned years ago, and get going. Woo the ladies, make an impression with your piano skills in a party, or build that enviable bod, AND become super sharp in the process. Won’t you be a total irresistible package for the ladies? Yes, brains and brawn can go hand in hand.


1. Playing A Musical Instrument Sharpens Our Cognitive Skills And Verbal Fluency


2. Playing Video Games Makes You ‘Intelligence-Agent’ Smart!


3. Learning A New Language Slows Brain Ageing


4. Reading Literally Helps You Perform Better In The Real World!


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