Every Indian Supermodel Goes Through these struggles That You Didn’t Know About

Modelling is considered to be a fancy and glamorous career amongst many. It’s a general perception that being in the fashion industry brings a lot of fame and money of course, but what is unknown to many people is the attached hardships or struggles that come with it. No doubt that the field of modelling is an interesting area of work and to some it doesn’t seem work because it’s more fun, but it is also true that some people find it hard to gain fame easily!

We thought of making you all aware of the other side in the lives of supermodels, and hence we listed down some hardships models might have to face on their way to fame!

1. Models live under constant stress and anxiety over not getting enough work.


2. Models are vulnerable to eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder.


3. Delay in payments or no payments from employers is a major issue.


4. For male models, they struggle to be taken seriously in this field.


5. Insecurity about how you look is one of the major reasons people in this industry go through depression!


6. Sexual favours and harassments for career advancement!


7. Developing chemistry between a male and female model on set can be awkward at times!




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