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ZindagiPlus.com is Launched by Mr. Ajay Singh,

under his Internet Marketing and Media Company as News, Information and Entertainment website for the online Indian user. We collect mostly India specific News, stories and content for entertainment. We also create India specific stories with certain message to create awareness among people. We believe that entertainment can be a medium of spreading awareness.

Writing more will be just bla bla blah..  which can bore you.

You can also join us as freelancer if you want your content published with us. We will soon Patch-up with some TV channel for showing our best videos and content.

You can share stuff that is share-worthy & evokes a response from anyone who watches it. We do video stories, fun lists, picture compilations, parodies, stand up acts and everything else that is worth sharing.

We have people from varied professions like advertising, journalism, and engineering to name a few, who contribute to ZindagiPlus.com. If you see yourself as a potential contributor, join our program by clicking here. Submit Post

Suggestions are welcomed at admin@zindagiplus.com or on  : zindagiplus.com@gmail.com

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