Why long distance relationships are worth the distance ?

Almost 14 million couples in the world are believed to be in long-distance relationships, with the average distance between each couple being at least 200 kms. You may wonder why these people would be willing to put themselves through so much when they could easily find someone in their own city to be with.

The truth is, while at least 70 per cent of all long-distance relationships fail, there is still a chance that some of these people would be among the remaining 30 per cent. And that’s a good enough reason for anyone to want to make it work. All you need is love, along with these 14 reasons that make being in a long-distance relationship so worth it!

1. You Talk It Over

The one thing you can absolutely do before you enter into a long-distance relationship, is really talk. Not just the small talk, but figure out what each of you wants, or expects from each other. The fact that you’re miles apart from one another means you don’t want to waste time and lead each other on when you could be busy doing other things. It’s the initial conversations that the two of you have that determine where you want to take this.



2. You Get To Travel Together

Who doesn’t enjoy travelling to new places? Thanks to your new relationship, you now have an absolute legit reason to travel for reasons that have nothing to do with work and everything to do with pleasure. And why just limit yourself to her town, or city? You could even meet halfway and explore other cities that you haven’t been able to before. Travelling together is one of the best ways to discovering your own self, as well as each other.


3. You Really Miss Her

Not like when you’re randomly saying how much you miss each other; but actually missing her presence in your world at that very moment. When you’re going through something life-changing and can’t wait to share it with her and realise in that moment that, guess what, you wish she was with you. Or when you’re talking and you feel the sudden urge to hug her or kiss her for no reason other than the fact that you really just want to hug, or kiss her. Helps to get clarity about your feelings too, eh?


4. You Value Time

Because of the nature of your relationship—where you get to meet each other only once in three months, or once a month (if you’re really lucky). And so, you understand that this limited time is all you have and you want to make the most of it before it runs out. You’re on a ‘No-Holds-Barred’, ‘No-Regrets’, trip where you want to open your heart out to her, let her in and enjoy every precious minute spent with her.


5. You Get Your Own Space

Often, we find ourselves struggling not to lose ourselves in a relationship. That never happens when you’re in a long-distance relationship because you always have enough time for yourself. In fact, you have mastered the art of balancing your life with your love so well, you don’t see why others whine. You get your own space to do the things you want without turning on her, or getting tired of her. You have fixed timings for calls and video chatting and you text whenever you can, and no one is hovering over you the entire time. You know what freedom feels like.


6. You Do Corny Shit

It’s true; there’s no use denying it. The fact that you’re away from her and really feeling the love makes you want to go to the moon and back with her. And it’s not something you just say to get laid because you know you can’t. It’s from the heart and you mean it, which sometimes surprises you too.


7. You Communicate

From her time of the month to your financial crunches, you’ve conquered them all. In order to compensate for the distance, you communicate over the phone more. Yes, there are differences of opinions and arguments, like in every other relationship. But, you’ve been able to sort it all out and have a moment of clarity. You don’t have to worry about the spark in your relationship going because somehow, talking about everything and nothing strengthens your relationship and increases your respect for each other’s opinions.


8. You Love Surprising Her

You never thought you would say that but, well, when it comes to her, you do. You constantly send small gifts to remind her that she’s constantly on your mind. It’s the little things that show her you care about her and since you can’t always be there, you make a note to really listen when she’s talking, and memorise the stuff she likes so that you can later surprise her with it. And sometimes, you send yourself over, too!


9. It’s More Than Physical

Unlike in any other relationship where sex is usually a given at the end of every romantic moment you’ve spent together, it’s different in a long-distance relationship. Even if the two of you are at your horniest best, it almost never culminates in sex. It’s frustrating, yes, but you learn to accept and enjoy the experiences anyway. This also makes you realise that sometimes, there are more important things in a relationship than just sex.


10. You Learn To Be Patient

Most men aren’t too familiar with that virtue (stop frowning at me, it’s true). But when you’re in a long-distance relationship, you learn to master the art. You have no other option. You learn to program your brain to wait it out and all the while you build up the excitement for the right time because the anticipation and the eagerness has a sweet reward at the end of the wait, say the next time you meet her.


11. The Romance Never Gets Old

Every meeting is like the first meeting. Every date is like the first date, and every touch feels like the first touch. Your relationship never gets old, stale or stagnant, period! Your friends don’t quite get it but, they’re just not supposed to anyway.


12. You Become An Expert at Planning

You’ve learnt to manage meetings with monthly offs and weekend trips to visit her. You’ve got it all worked out for a period of six months to a year. In fact, you have a separate calendar that runs on relationship time.


13. You Are An Independent Individual

You’re not reliant on her availability, just like she is not thriving off your social circle. The two of you have a life of your own and you have your priorities well sorted out so that you don’t have to worry about falling into the rut of dependency on one another. Your relationship is secure and stable.



14. Your Relationship Is Strong

You observe how many of your friends have broken up and entered into more relationships over a span of a year while yours is still going strong. You’ve weathered distance—which, really is the hardest—arguments, insecurities, time and financial crises together and you’re still together, with no signs of breaking up any time soon.





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