Complicated Relationship: 10 ways Your relationship Got Complicated


“Let’s not talk about it, it will complicate everything between us.”  

She spoke these words in a displeasing tone, preserving the mystery behind them as always. You asked for a justification but she unapologetically declined it. Her silence was saying everything but you failed to understand it as confusion overcame all your senses. But she never realized that by protecting her emotions, she was further complicating things. Sometime later, she changed the topic but you, as expected, couldn’t change her mind.

A relationship is not an easy, But it were never meant to be. Here are ten ways relationships get complicated:

1. The helpless circumstances

Wait. I have a direct question for the Almighty. “How the f*ck you get so much time to write such uncertain plots for everyone on earth?” Some love stories are blessed with fairytale endings while others suffer, fighting the tides of time with every passing second.

Where there is love, there is undying test of patience, loyalty and faith. But honestly, sometimes circumstances are so puzzled that words like patience and love lose their meaning


2. Things left unsaid

When two people in love hide their true emotions, every unspoken word has the power to change the equations in seconds. The person who hides the honesty in his words carries the baggage of pain and regret and the other person fights to survive with the breath of patience.

People believe that rights words should be said at the right time but the truth is, right words always sound right even at the wrong time.


3. Things said unconsciously and taken too seriously

Anger and anxiety are common symptoms of attachment. The person to whom you are attached emotionally tests you to the core and sometimes, just in the heat of the moment, some undesirable words come up and unnecessary enmity boils up.



 4. The war between practical and impractical

Love isn’t practical, it never surfaces at the most opportune moment nor the most convenient. It will pair you with someone you might never have expected and then your endless battle with complication begins.

No matter how practically you try to keep your relationship intact, in the end, if your love is not strong enough, your bond will break away.


5. Feelings come and go

Feelings are a state of mind, and the mind is a box of confused emotions. Everyday, a new thought emerges, shadowing everything we thought about love yesterday.

Also, these Bollywood films give us new relationships goals every now and then. We tend to forget that our life is scripted by God, not by a script writer.


6. Dream/Love/Sacrifice 

The power of love inspires us to dream but it never warns us about the abandoned road that lies ahead. So, what to choose between love and dreams? Always choose love because your dreams have a limited age but love once gone, it is gone forever.



7. Time wasted on thinking about love

Google has thousands of quotes about love and relationships. Ever wondered, why there are so many definitions of love? Because everyone sees love differently. The way you see it is the way you will experience it.

Stop searching for the meaning of love because it is meaningless. Believe in it when you feel you are in it.


8. They say “be mature”. But what exactly is maturity?

I think the word ‘maturity’ is overrated. Every love story is cluttered with turbulence and maturity levels just cannot be maintained in blistering circumstances. Maturity is about sharing your deepest emotions to let go of the ignorance.

9. Whether to marry or not?

Marriage is a beautiful institution that most of us eventually want to be part of. But, why hurry? Our society is too narrow-minded to judge us and our parents are not flexible enough to understand us. It’s best that we  decide when to marry and whom to marry.



10.Will it last forever?

When someone gets married, nobody is really sure whether it will last forever or whether time will tear them apart. As the marriage progresses, the fantasy world fades away and reality surfaces. And in the end, what is best for both of them happens.  



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