5 Easy Ways In Which You Can Put Your Old Clothes To Better Use

Closets full of clothes and still nothing to wear is usually said by one n all. Nowadays, clothes have become so cheap that everyone buys them without thinking for a second. Fast fashion is the term they use for the psychology behind people buying clothes so frequently. Fast fashion means buying cheap yet fashionable stuff with a short use in mind.

This idea is luring for the customers but the amount of wastage or disparity between poor and rich is growing day by day with poor having less to no clothes to wear and the other side of society having too many.

We are not saying it’s wrong to buy new clothes but putting your old clothes to correct use is also very important. The clothes which are of no use to you can be put to a way better use than you think. Here are some ways you can utilize/reuse your old clothes in better ways than one!

1. Restyle them for your own present use

Restyling means to style your outdated clothes for the current trend. It is often the case that you do not want to wear your old clothes simply because they are out of style now and you want to wear the current style of clothes. So, make your old clothes of the current trend by doing minor changes like changing the buttons of a blazer, or changing a pair of straight fit pants into slim fit.


2. Donate them to the ones who need it more than you

There are a lot of people around you who need clothes to wear and have literally nothing to put on their body! So, do some good today, take out some time from your busy schedule to sort the clothes you do not wear and donate the clothes you no longer need.




3. Send them for recycling so that someone can make a better use out of it

If you did not have a clue about this then you should know that we can literally recycle everything we do not use anymore and put to a better use. There are organisations who are working only to recycle and make new things out of waste. So do your bit and contribute to this idea.

4. Put ‘Do it yourself’ in use and make new things out of your old clothes.

Do it yourself or DIY as it is popularly known as, is simply what the name says – do it yourself. The idea behind this term is to do everything on your own and create new things. There is enough information on the internet to educate you to create anything and we mean anything.

Get down to work and create all you guys!



5. Reuse them as cleaning cloth.

If you haven’t used your old clothes as a dusting or mopping cloth, then you are not Indian. This is actually the very thing each Indian can relate to. On a lighter note, it is often said that in India, people first use a t-shirt to wear, then on the festival of ‘holi’ and then finally as a mopping cloth. If it doesn’t happen in your house, we suggest you recheck your nationality.




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