14 Times Pyaar Ka Punchnama Spoke Every Guy’s Mind

A small budget film nobody knew about released in 2011 and got so much appreciation from the masses, it went on to become one of the most talked about films in recent times. The film was made in a budget as low as Rs 7 crores and starred faces we had never seen before. No item numbers, no big stars – not even a well known director. And, ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama’ still became a huge hit, by word of mouth alone.

What was it about this film that made it so special? It was the brilliant storyline, the praise-worthy performances by the star cast and more than all of that, the superb script. The dialogues were so colloquial and real, the scenes didn’t even look scripted. There was finally a film that showed the other side of women – the side we’ve all seen at least once in life. ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama’ was loved by all simply because its dialogues were so relatable, it was difficult not to laugh at them! All due credit to Luv Ranjan, Sumit Saxena and Vaibhav Suman. We handpicked the best dialogues from the film that every guy would relate to.

1. Because corporate life is the biggest b*tch. Those who work even on weekdays will swear by this dialogue.

2. This is so true!


3. Thank God someone finally said it!

4. Because bros don’t judge each other.

5. We men are simple creatures. This is all we ask for!

6. And the number of unsuccessful men always outnumber the successful ones. Just saying.

7. If only.


8. In case you’re wondering why you’re always at fault.


9. This has happened to most of us, hasn’t it?


10. This epic question!


11. This epic answer. The harsh truth of life.


12. This epic reason.


13. And this epic solution. We Indians really need to start taking the bro code seriously!


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